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"At 43, I was 50 lbs. overweight and my body fat was 32%. I was unhealthy, unmotivated and unhappy. Now, three years later, I have lost all the extra weight, my body fat is 17% and I am in the best shape of my life. David is patient, encouraging and I never feel intimidated. His fun personality makes me want to work hard and he pushes me to go beyond what I think my limits are. Workouts are always tough, but David comes up with new and crazy ways to keep it fun, motivating, and productive. He is knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition, and always has new ideas on ways to add to my fitness level or to make my diet healthier. David is a true professional, and makes me feel like my successes are important him. Thanks to David, I can't wait to get to the gym and I am committed to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. If you are wanting to improve your health and well-being, Extreme Fitness is the place to be."

- Kimberly Burke

I have been an "on and off" exerciser for years and with a degree in Health Promotion, I know what I need to do to fend off weight gain, but I couldn't always find that motivation to continue to workout. I've never been considered obese or really overweight for that matter, but more times that not, I simply wasn't happy or comfortable with the way I felt about my body. I'm a yo-yo dieter and exerciser and after I gained 35lbs following my divorce, I knew I had to get a grip! I knew that I enjoyed cardio types of exercise and had no problem motivating myself to do that, but I also knew I didn't enjoy lifting weights and could easily talk myself out of doing any weight bearing activity. I was a "do as I say, but not as I do" type of person! I would always tell people who asked my opinion about working out that you must do both, cardio and weights, to see a drastic change in your body, but I sure didn't follow my own advice!

I've also had numerous personal trainers over the years, and yes, I saw results over time, but something still didn't "click", until I met David at Extreme Fitness. It was told fluke that I found his gym. I had gained about 10lbs back from the 35lbs I managed to take off a year after my divorce, so I decided it was time for me to find someone who motivated me, was knowledgable and continued to challenge me. I found all of that in David as a personal trainer! He even paired me with a great training partner who not only motivates me as well, but makes the workouts even more fun! I'm sure my training partner and I drive David crazy at times with all of our "girl talk", but I really enjoy my 2 hours a week at the gym and truly hate to miss a session! I've been working with David for 4 months and in that time, I have lost 15lbs and 5% bodyfat! Just like many girls my "bad" areas are my thighs. To be honest, I have always despised them, but I am now at a point that I appreciate how strong they are and to be honest, they look pretty good!

Weight training is essential to making my body look the way I want it to! Since I continue to see results, I'm continuely striving to eat a clean, heathy diet and workout on my own on my days away from the gym. I realize the value in having a personal trainer....I feel better! I am not willing to give that up! I am willing to give up other non-essentials in my life so I can continue to work with David!

My time at Extreme Fitness is a non-negotiable for me and I look forward to a long term relationship with David, and the Extreme Fitness Team!

- Tiffany Maiman

I have always been an active person. I recently finished graduate school and wanted to further my fitness goals. I started at Extreme Fitness in June of 2012 and could not be happier with my decision. I attend boot camp several times per week and train with Dawn once a week. After the first class, I was hooked. Every workout is different and challenging. Soreness has become a normal part of my daily life. The trainers at Extreme Fitness really take into account your goals and abilities. Over the last 6 months with Dawn and Andrea, I have lost over 20lbs and 7% body fat. The trainers have helped me to look at food as fuel. Whatever you put into your body, you will get out. I have gained an abundance of energy and overall confidence. The many hours a week I spend at Extreme Fitness are non negotiable for me.

I have lost 32 lbs and 11.8 percent body fat since June 11, 2012. Thanks so much!

- Danielle McCallum, Age 24

By far the best personal training facility in Springfield.

- Clint Konkle - NSCA, CPT

I've been coming to boot camp classes for about 3 months and have lost 34 lbs so far. Andrea and Dawn have been very helpful not only with the physical training but also with diet. There is always variety in the our workout routine and we have done several new exercises I've never heard of before but that I definitely feel the next day :) One of the things I like best about the gym is the large workout area and equipment available. I never feel crowded nor do I have to wait to do a station. I feel stronger and healthier now than I have ever felt before. Thank-you Dawn and Andrea for Smoothie Night :) I learned a lot about post workout protein that is still helping me today :)

- Barb Wilson

I lost 22 pounds, gained muscle and self-confidence. I feel great and I am so glad I decided to take Extreme Fitness classes. Thank you!

- Sheli Msall

Having been an on-again off-again lifter for most of my life I have to admit I was hesitant about utilizing a personal trainer. After a few sessions with Andrea I found that my hesitancy had been replaced by sore and stiff muscles I never even knew I had. With Andrea’s encouragement and relentless determination to see my goals through, I continued to come back for more. Now I am enthused every day I get to come to the gym.

The results have been amazing and more than I could have ever hoped for. I began my fitness journey at 19% body fat and am currently at 14%, my blood pressure has been dramatically reduced, and I feel incredible! I highly recommend Andrea and the team at Extreme to anyone … and to those that are on the fence like I was … take the plunge, you’ll never look back and you won’t be sorry!

- Ryan “Bo D” Simpson

Much of my life I was on a roller coaster with my weight. Sometimes my diet was "good" and I exercised, other times it was not and I didn't. I would continually fluctuate in weight and clothes size. It was not until I gained an understanding of the importance of a lifestyle combining a nutrient dense, whole foods diet combined with a consistent exercise routine, that I was able to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and take 10" off my waist.

Many thanks to Brigitte (brigitte@life-beautiful.com) for all of the education, nutritional coaching, and support, and Ryan Stewart at Extreme Fitness for designing the exercise routines and pushing me beyond my perceived limits.

- Jason Factor

My experience at Extreme Fitness was challenging and rewarding! I was inspired to start training with David after seeing my friend; Jennifer Mathews transform her body. I was approaching 40 and felt like I needed to take more time for my health. David encouraged me to make adjustments in my daily protein intake and by lifting weights, I could see my body transform right before my eyes. I lost over 13 inches, 7 pounds and 8 percent body fat all over my frame in a little over 3 months. I could not believe the transformation! David and his team are helping change people's lives and I highly recommend Extreme Fitness!

- Cassie Olson

After I turned 50 I realized that some serious changes had to be made to both insure good health and look better than what I was seeing in the mirror. I was recommend by my sister to David Poland at Extreme Fitness. The workouts turned out to be much more enjoyable than anticipated and I have kept to his prescribed nutrition plan and twice weekly workouts for three months. In that time I have gained muscle, lost 10 pounds, lost 5.5% body fat and a total of 18.75 inches overall. I was thrilled that my largest loss was 5 inches in my waist. I have more energy and feel stronger. I'm hooked. Thank you David and Extreme Fitness!

- Laurie Hartman

I had a stroke, then gained some weight after being in the tornado in Joplin and losing everything. Unbelievable stress. I bought a home and started over in Springfield and decided to change everything. I first started at Ozark Fitness and signed up for fitness training with a personal trainer. I was very uncomfortable and self conscious. I did not last and had to push myself to go. I then found Extreme Fitness and I have never felt so comfortable in a gym. Very personable staff. Very clean and just the right size for me. I started in November 2011. I have lost 25 pounds which is want I wanted to loose. My body fat has continued to fall. My strength and my balance is improved to the point I can ride a bike again.After my stroke I had lost my use of the left hand. The Dr. said I could never work again. I now do everything I want and need to do. Due to my weight loss I will postpone my knee surgery for much later!!I feel like a different person and can't wait to get the gym. Dawn has helped me with totally changing my way of eating, preparing food and exercising. I LOVE EXTREME FITNESS and the entire staff.

- Mary Schaffer

Extreme Fitness is so welcoming, no matter what age, size, or shape you are. Dawn pushes me and the results have been great. I've lost 5" in my waist and body fat is down 3%. I knew I was capable, I could not have done it on my own.

- Kim Paulson

I gained a tremendous amount of strength and energy as a result of this class. As a former collegiate athlete, I have been used to working out for the majority of my life. However, the group workout classes have given me more tangible results in terms of fitness and energy than any of my previous workouts. I highly recommend this class to all former athlete as well as to more novice exercises.

- Bridget Beachy

I was pleasantly surprised about the benefits after a couple of classes. Quickly my body started changing and had more energy throughout the day. While exercise had always been a staple in my daily routine the classes provided an interactive setting that allowed people to progress at their own rate. The exercises were challenging and easy to learn.

- David Bauman

I was just tired of being down about my appearance. I really didn't like what I saw on the outside and how it made me feel about the person on the inside. Doctor visits were embarrassing, walking by the mirror was embarrassing, even the Andy's drive through was embarrassing. I'd had enough. You here all this talk about "diet and exercise". I had NEVER worked out or paid attention to what went in my body let alone given a thought to how those two things might affect my body. I just didn't see my self doing "sporty" things. In July 2013, a friend and I decided to start working with a trainer. It has been an incredible experience working with Dawn. The encouragement, accountability, and professional knowledge have been key in making this turn around possible. I love waking up in the mornings to go work out. I look forward to it and have no need for excuses any more because I CAN DO THIS! I started this out of vanity really, but I have discovered more about myself than just what I can look like. Working with Dawn has truly changed not just my body, but my heart and mind. I am a strong, determined, and capable! (and I am starting to look pretty good too.)

- Rcena Maness

I am highly impressed by the extremely professional trainers at Extreme Fitness. Dawn is simply a great trainer. Andrea is awesome and David makes all this happen! I am simply delighted by the challenging workouts and I am getting awesome results every successive week! I strongly recommend Extreme Fitness.

- Alok Jain

I have been a client of David Poland's for almost two years. He has certainly helped my conditioning and strength with his firm but patient manner. With his help and guidance, I have improved my overall health and strength. The facility at extreme fitness is very clean with a wide range of unique equipment to keep workouts fun and different.

- Jeff Johnson, MD

I began my personal training experience with David nearly six months ago unsure and nervous as to what to expect. I had always wanted to go to a personal trainer but it seemed out of reach and intimidating to a 41 year old, out-of-shape, mom. I was doing some exercise, mainly cardio, but I felt like I had hit a plateau and wasn’t seeing any results. With encouragement and support from my husband I decided to “take the plunge” and made an appointment with David. I am so thankful I did! At my first 90 day evaluation I had lost 4.6% body fat, 7 pounds and 12 inches and I am continuing to see results. Working out with David has recharged my life. He pushes me to workout at a level that I would never have pushed myself and helps me stay on track with my diet and at home workouts.


If you are considering a personal trainer I highly recommend Extreme Fitness with David and his team. The facility is comfortable, clean, and friendly. Expect to work hard but the results will be well worth it!

- Jennifer Matthews

I'm 17 years old and I have been working out with David for over a year now and he always keeps me going. Since I began, I went from 24% body fat to now at 16% which is crazy! Workouts are always a challenge and always different which makes it fun and you never get bored do the same workouts. I can really feel that I've gotten stronger, more toned, my confidence has boosted, and I feel much healthier.

- Hadie Henry

Thanks to David I can report that on "Day 90" of my workouts I am down from 20% body fat to 16%, have a 1" shoulder increase and 1.5" increase in chest and also a 1" increase in my arms and 2" decreased in my waist. Thanks for pushing me to the max every workout! I could have never done all of that on my own.

- Zac Rantz Age 30

2 1/2 years ago I had a "wake up call" when I found out I had a stroke. My blood pressure was controlled with meds so the things they contributed it to was stress & smoking - plus I was overweight which didn't help... I weighed more than I did when I was pregnant - YIKES!

The first thing I did was start to alter my diet - not huge changes but livable changes & I saw some results :) I also knew I needed to get some exercise so my daughter & I joined curves. It was a good introductory exercise program for me & I saw some more results :) Then in Oct David moved in next door to where I work & a dear friend encouraged me to try it out - I had never worked out with a personal trainer before but loved the idea! It has been a wonderful experience & very rewarding!!!!!

David is always positive & supportive! He knows my goals & keeps me focused on achieving them. He has the right balance of pushing me to work harder than I think I can - while setting the goal to a level I can achieve. There are times I wish he didn't have so much faith in me :) I am amazed at myself for the changes I see and feel - I can do a mile walk/jog in a reasonable amount of time - I have so much more energy & it is a good stress reliever as well. (You HAVE to forget about everything else because your body is demanding your attention.) He has helped me continue to be aware of my eating habits & encourages me to keep improving my healthy choices. Again, I haven't made drastic changes - but with his help I am finding improvements I can live with :)

I am a motivated individual in many ways - but not always when it comes to working out... I never thought of myself as "athletic" & I am not a cardio fan... But working with David & having his support has made me change my attitude from "yuk that necessary evil work out task" to "I wonder what we're gonna do today?". I know with his guidance all I have to do is apply myself & I will continue to see & feel the results :-)

I had my first evaluation and I lost 13.50 inches off my body. and also lost over 10% body fat in just 90 days. I can't believe that! but they are only numbers - the true benefits aren't written on paper - they are the positive affects it has on all aspects of your life.

Thank You David!

- Jayne Line Age 43

I'm a former college athlete who has been actively working out for the past 14 years. However, like so many others, I had reached a severe lull and stagnation in my workouts and was beyond frustration with my lack of progress. Thank God I finally met David and though his techniques in "muscle confusion" and "maximum intensity" training I've finally begun to achieve the results I have been striving for.

Having a professional trainer at your disposal is invaluable and though his experience in both resistance training and nutrition I've gained 12 pounds of lean muscle mass in the last 2 months (which by comparison had taken me nearly 4 years for the previous 12 pounds). Through a healthy dose of motivation and competition our workouts are extremely intense but something I look forward to each session. In the end my results have broadened my confidence and enriched my life with a feeling of self accomplishment which we can all agree is the ultimate goal.

Thanks Dave!

- Nathan Morton Age 28

I am 58 years old and have had one back surgery and two neck surgeries, all related to disk problems. After my last neck surgery, November of 2009, I went to my six month post surgical check up. All was fine and I asked my neurosurgeon what I needed to do so I would never have to see him again. One word, EXCERSISE, if I wanted to help my back work on my stomach if I wanted to help my neck work on upper body. I took his and several others advice.

I have been training with David since July of 2010. I have not felt this good in years. I sleep better, the little aches and pains are gone and things are just easier. I made a trip to Colorado in October and I could tell what a huge difference being in shape made. It was a much more enjoyable trip.

My body fat went from 29% body fat to 18% in less then six months. My waist went down two inches, shoulders grew two inches, arms grew two inches, legs two inches, in general all muscle groups grew. My endurance and strength is greater than it has been in 15 years. I am continually amazed at the difference between when I started with David and where I am now. I plan on continuing the workout routine, especially with David. He has a great facility, never crowded, and very clean.

- George Mallett

I am a good athlete and have always been in ok shape. However, I have had a history of back spasms and some mild sciatica pain. I read somewhere that at 40 years years old I am losing one pound of muscle mass every year. That is when I found David.

Two years ago I started training with David and it completely changed my body. I went from about 14% body fat to less than 10%. I could only do 2 pull-ups when we started and now I can do 10. Since training with David I have had only two mild episodes of back spasms. Our workouts are fun, fast paced, he stays within my level while pushing me and I have never gotten burned out because he is always changing our routine.

Training with David also gave me the confidence to start cycling and I have been an avid cyclist for the last year. I competed in the cycling portion of the Branson ironman 70.3 last year riding 56 difficult miles in just over 3 hours. There is no way this would have been possible without David's help.

David is a fantastic trainer and a great person. His knowledge and caring approach are what make David extra special.

- Alan Rosen


David Poland at Extreme Fitness has been my personal trainer for At 71, I can honestly say I feel great, both physically and mentally. I am firmly convinced this is the result of my workout training sessions with David. All of my lab work is excellent. My Doctor attributes this to my physical training.

- Dale Burns

I'm 17 years old, and at the beginning of the 2010 summer I was 6'3" and weighed 160 pounds. I have worked out with David before and my mom has had great success with him, so I came to him and told him I want to weigh 185 by the end of summer. Throughout the summer we worked out 3 days a week, and he got me eating a great diet and by the time school started i was a little over 6'3" and weighed 186. Over the summer my overall body fat went down even though I gained 26 pounds. David is a great trainer!

- Dalton Burke

I started training with David about a year ago, in an effort to avoid surgery after a knee injury. I’m 71 years old and with his help I’m stronger and more flexible than I have been in years. He has also made sure that I have avoided training injuries. I’m looking forward to gardening season.

- Barbara Gentry

The only thing that I can say is that as much as I fight you, you have taught me that health and fitness is a way of life not a fad.

- Francie Chaney

I am a 40 year old mother of three. My youngest child, a beautiful little Taylor, was born this February. That last pregnancy was a difficult one and I told myself that once I felt physicaly better, that I was going to work out like never before to get back into shape. Not just to look good, but to feel good again. At the end of May I told my husband that I wanted to hire a personal trainer to help me get to the next level, a first for me as I had never used a trainer before. My husband Brian mentioned David at Extreme Fitness and I immediately called and scheduled my initial assessment. During the months of June and July I had two sessions per week with David and also did cardio on my own at home.

David did a wonderful job of creating workouts that were geared specifically for my body, tolearence, and endurance level. Though I already had a pretty good handle on my diet, Davbid also helped me evaluate my nutritional goals in order to get optimal results from my workouts. Throughout these 2 months I felt myself getting stronger, feeling better, looking better, and building my endurance. On August 1st, David did the 2nd evaluation to monitor my progress over these 8 weeks and I was elated to to have lost 12 inches, 4% body fat, and 8 pounds! I can honestly say that at 40 years of age, I feel stronger and more confident than I did in my 20’s. I look forward to maintaining and reaching even greater fitness goals with David and the team at Extreme Fitness!

- Heather Lumley

Through the use of a wide variety of creative exercises and positive instruction, Extreme Fitness gets me to do things I would not do on my own for longer than I am willing to do on my own. I can think of no higher praise for an exercise facility.

- Raymond Weiner

Almost a year ago, I was suffering from back pain. The severity was causing me to miss out on some of my favorite activities including tennis, running, and even basic landscaping. My chiropractor suggested that I work on my core muscles and overall strength to help ease the discomfort.

I made a call to Extreme Fitness and David promised that with a little hard work, his methods could make all the difference. Now, not only am I in the best shape of my life. I lost 7% in body fat and also lost 10 pounds which is awesome. but my back pain has vanished and David's workouts have greatly improved my tennis game and endurance. These days, the only pain I feel is the rewarding burn of strengthening muscles. I can't believe what a difference Extreme Fitness has made in my life. Thanks David!

- Julie Skinner

I walked into David Poland's Extreme Fitness facility quite by accident, it turned out to be a healthy accident.

I recently had some surgery, and have been quite sedentary for a couple of years, and was in need of a good tune up.

David Poland's personal fitness certainly accomplished that goal. I am not a young woman (no need to mention age here), so he steered my fitness workout to my abilities. But he doesn't let me be a slacker either! My strength has returned, and my arms are now up to sleeveless tops. Yeah! David has an easy manner, great laugh, and always puts me at ease. He doesn't always do the same things, and keeps things interesting as well as challenging. He is a very good trainer (for all ages).

- Kathy Pozniak

David is a great trainer who truly has a passion for what he does. Each session he mixes it up with different moves and exercises. I look forward to my sessions with him because he incorporates new exercises, so I never get bored with my workout.

I have seen a big change in how strong I have gotten after working out with David. He pushes you without being overbearing. He gives you confidence because he knows you can do it, when sometimes you don’t think you can.

He has equipment in his gym that no other place in the area has and travels around the country to research the most innovative equipment and exercise moves to give his clients an edge over the rest. David has a dedication and passion for fitness that you will find nowhere else. I look forward to my workouts with him because he makes it fun and keeps it fresh.

- Regan Pozniak Age 26