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David Poland

David Poland
Owner, Trainer |

I was originally born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I moved to Springfield, Missouri when I was 15 years old and attended Hillcrest High School. Athletics were always a big passion of mine as a kid. After winning a state championship in high school baseball, I decided to keep pursuing my passion at a collegiate level. I attended Evangel University in Springfield MO and played baseball for the duration of my schooling. I graduated with a Recreational & Physical Education degree in the Spring of 2007. During that time, I had developed a passion for fitness and health and decided to pursue it as a career. As soon as I graduated, I became certified with I.S.S.A & N.S.C.A and my personal training career started. This passionate focus for fitness and health opened up a whole new world of growth, not only for myself but for others as well. I have been training full-time for 12 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of clients over the years, both in person and online, achieve all different types of goals. From fat loss, building muscle, sports specific goals, improved mobility, rehabilitation, to most importantly, nutrition. Personally, I have competed in 4 NPC fitness shows, the last one being at a national level. I also a fitness advisor for KY3, where I do regular fitness segments with Paul Adler on Fit Life, a segment of Friday morning’s local news. After having a few years of personal training under my belt, I opened up my own private studio in 2010. XFit has been an amazing journey of hard work along with great teamwork from my amazing staff and clientele. These people have made XFit what it is today. I’m excited for many great years to come and hope to be able to help you in the future. 


Ryan Stewart - XFit Trainer

Ryan Stewart
Trainer |

I played Semi Pro football for 1 season prior to an ACL knee injury but I have always been involved in sports and have taken interest in human anatomy and kinesiology.Incollege my interest shifted from physical therapy to business then got  involved with personal training while being employed at StJohns Radiology dept. I was employed part time doing both jobs with school in the middle, then decided to take a leap full time with personal training. I worked for a private studio, then with the same local company that opened up a full gym. In 2007 I opened my own studio and employed 10 trainers from 2007-2011. I generally carry a full schedule and currently train 28 people and have had approximately 75% of them over 5 years. I feel that I have kept a great repor and even better relationship with my clients over the years.

With training I find that no 2 people are ever the same and there are generally always barriers and differences with everyone. Some clients may havea dispostion or biomechanical issue but with private training it makes it much easier to identify these things. I have personally worked with clients from the athletic level to the lite rehabilitative level and each individual requires different attention to needs.

Best of health and success.

Pam Morris photo

Pamela Morris MS, MPA
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist |

Pam is a personal trainer and fitness consultant. She specializes in small group and one-on-one training. Pam has 25 years experience as a Health Fitness Specialist and over 10 years as a nutrition health instructor. Pam has participated in numerous fitness DVD's, infomercials, television segments, and radio talk shows. Her vast knowledge and vibrant personality goes hand-in-hand with her style of personal training. Pam has trained athletes and clients of all ages and fintess levels. Pam's group class specialties include Pilates, Yoga, Interval, HIIT, free weights, and Myo-Therapy. 


Theo photo

Trainer |

B.S. in Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
First Aid CPR/AED

Areas of Expertise 
Athletic performance & movement
Weight Loss
Resistance training and Muscle gain
Functional movement
Strength and Conditioning.

Growing Up, I have always been physically active. I didn’t start taking Health and Fitness more seriously until I turned 15 and started to develop my skills as a basketball player for the English Youth National Basketball team back in England. Once I started to exercise more frequently, I really began to think about the ways I could challenge and push myself to be a best version of myself and I truly realized how much I wanted to pursue a future in the Health and fitness industry. I continue to work with strong, motivated individuals of all ages and fitness ability one on one and in group settings, while gaining more knowledge and experiences from other opportunities and industry research. As a fitness coach, I take pride in helping each and every client along their journey to meet their health and fitness goals. I want to truly turn your goals into your motivation and show you just how amazing you are and that you can really transform physically and mentally when it comes to health and wellness. Each and every one of us has a journey that we are on and I take pride in providing support throughout that journey because together, our limits are endless. 



Andrew Scott 
Trainer | 

Andrew grew up in a coaching family with his dad and grandpa both being retired basketball coaches. Because of the need for strength, endurance, and conditioning, physical fitness has always been a part of his life. After graduating from Rogersville High School, Andrew moved on to play college basketball at Missouri Southern State University for a year, and began his studies in Kinesiology. It was during this time that Andrew developed a passion for fitness/bodybuilding, and a desire to help and encourage others to reach their fitness/health goals. In 2020, Andrew accomplished a personal goal, and placed 3rd in his first bodybuilding competition in Houston, TX. Meeting this challenge motivated Andrew to help others reach goals that might seem unattainable. Along wth fitness, Andrew also understand the importance of nutrition, and the part that it plays in achieving overall desired results. As a fitness coach, Andrew's goal is to push others to become the best versions of themselves, whether it be for fat loss, muscle gain, toning up, being more physically fit, or improving one's overall health. Andrew believes that ALL individuals deserve to feel healthy, fit, strong, and confident. 

Now, let's get started! 


Angie Routh
Trainer |

Angie has been a Springfield resident for 12 years. She has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition, which led her to becoming a personal trainer. Her style of training focuses on both strength and conditioning to help her clients achieve their personal fitness goals. She has been actively personal training for the past two years, and has taught Beach Body for the previous 15 years. Angie thrives in building relationships with clients and helping them reach their goals. Her drive for personal connection and her passion for fitness has helped her create lifelong friends with her clients.

John Mabrey
Trainer |

Graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Movement Science

Certified ACSM Exercise Physiologist
CPR Certified

I’m originally from St. Louis Missouri started exercising when I was about 12 years old when I started to take boxing lessons. I trained for competition and I was a boxer for about 4 years. I found my love for soccer when I got into high school and I played striker for 4 years as well. I’ve always cared about my own physique and I was always trying to improve my game. After high school, I put sports aside because I knew education was more important. In college, I got into strength training and I haven’t stopped since. I knew I’ve always wanted to help people feel better. I think it’s important to be someone that helps people achieve their goals. My end goal is to eventually become a Physical Therapist to help people further in this field.

Amy McCracken Photo 

Amy McCracken 
Trainer |

NASM CPT, CNC and Weightloss Specialist

My love of fitness has followed me throughout my life, starting in highschool with volleyball and cheerleading and has stayed with me as an adult with Crossfit and Physique training.

I believe fitness is a great avenue to help people overcome challenges, whether that's depression and anxiety that have held them back from being their best, gaining self confidence, or just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. I love the self confidence, strength, and feeling of accomplishment it gave me and I want to pass that on.

I’m constantly learning to create and utilize movements, programming, methodology in training and nutrition to help people reach their goals. No two people are alike, we are like a blank canvas that you can mold and shape to create your best self.

Flexible nutrition is my jam as I believe it is the base of any healthy program. I believe you only grow once you get outside your comfort zone. I will challenge you to be the best version of you.

Prior to turning my passion for fitness and helping others into a full time career, I worked in Retail Management for 18 years. I am a wife and mom of two teenage boys. We are an active family and if I’m not in the gym you will find me at a Wrestling tournament, Cross County meet, or football game.


Dylan Wooldridge 
Trainer |

I had a dream to join the military and be in the Special Forces, but I failed the test time after time. I eventually joined the military but in a different career and with a sense of failure that loomed over me. It wasn't until my first deployment that I found a group of friends with a much better mindset that invited me to workout at the gym with them. Through the time we spent working out together, they showed me how to dig deep, really push myself and to never be afraid of failure. With a new mindset, I was able to learn from my failures and use them to improve myself. The goals I set for myself at the gym gave me a positive outlet, and seeing my progress manifested my passion towards the fitness industry.

After my deployment ended, I joined a local gym that had experienced trainers that helped coach for fitness competitions, which is how I found my way into the bodybuilding community. The gym community I had there helped to guide me through my physical growth and challenge my mental drive towards my pursuit of bodybuilding. Gaining weight and growing muscle was a struggle for me, and I dealt with several injuries from my military career and other physical ailments that slowed me down, but I chose to never let it deter me. I learned to cope with these injuries by learning new styles of training to continue on my path. Within 2 years, I took myself from about 130 pounds to 180 pounds, and competed in my first bodybuilding competition in 2016.

After the competition, I continued to train myself but also began training my friends at the gym. Their excitement over their results from the training fueled my passion even more. I decided that after my military career ended, there was nothing I would rather do than continue on with this passion to help others better themselves. The gym community and mentors I had continued to inspire me, educate me, and support my drive to pursue a career as a personal trainer.

I received my personal training certification in 2018, and have loved being a personal trainer. There is nothing like the push and drive to better yourself and being in an environment where everyone around you has the same motivation.

Ben Hoffman

Ben Hoffman 
Nixa Store Manager/Trainer |

Growing up I was a very active kid.  I skateboarded for 7 years before I decided I wanted to try football and track.  At the beginning I did not have the build for football but with the guidance of my coaches and the weightlifting program I grew like a weed.  That is where my love for weight training started.  After High school at the age of 20 I joined the Air Force and and spent my 21st birthday in Iraq.  During my deployment I found myself helping other Airmen with their fitness goals and was amazed at how they transformed their bodies, mindsets and overall health in a short 5 months!  At that point I was hooked on helping others!  The following year after my 22nd birthday I herniated 2 discs in my lower back and was told by the doctors that I better find a different hobby.  I was crushed to say the least.  This was my life and passion.  That night I made the decision that I wasn’t going to give up.  I was going to rehab my back, get mobile, get stronger, and come back better than I started.  I became a Physical Training Leader for my flight, and my Squadron for the rest of my 9 year military career.  After the military I worked for the railroad for 6 years but I was never fully satisfied.  I have always wanted to get into the fitness industry and help others.  When I resigned from the railroad in Kansas City, MO I relocated back to my hometown of Nixa, MO and got certified as a personal trainer and and have been learning and practicing what I preach daily ever since.  To me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of personal training is getting to know clients and our members.  Everyone has their own unique life story and it’s amazing and also humbling to see how our stories shape our mindset, beliefs, and behaviors when it comes to health and fitness.  I want to know YOUR story, and I want to help you create a new chapter in health & fitness! 


Mallory Keith Photo

Mallory Keith 
Trainer |

My favorite things in life are people, dogs, food, and fitness. Not necessarily in that order. I have always loved being active. I played every sport imaginable growing up, and continued my love for sports all through High School. I started playing competitive basketball when I was 10, and always knew I would be a college basketball player. My goal never changed, until I got really big into track. I was on my way to be a college runner and decided at the last minute to do neither. I wanted to live a life outside of sports, and I wanted to focus on my education. I stayed active in college and spent most of my time in the rec center. Once covid hit, there were no basketball courts or gyms open. I started running again, and running a lot. Without realizing it, I ended up losing too much weight. Once the gyms opened back up, my husband encouraged me to start lifting to put some muscle back on. I had no idea what I was doing, and the idea of being in a gym with machines was terrifying. My husband got me started, and once I was comfortable I was hooked. I love the atmosphere of the gym, seeing results, and the feeling of knowing that you are bettering yourself by the end of every session. I am excited to have the opportunity to help others who were once in my shoes; lost and uncomfortable. I recently graduated from Missouri State University, got certified as a personal trainer, and now continuing to chase my passion for fitness!



Sam Wallace

Welcome to XFIT! I’m Sam Wallace and I’m a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through NASM. When I was 7 years old, my father started me in wrestling. I continued wrestling until I graduated High School. Weighing 132-138 lbs from freshman year all the way through senior year was certainly not adequate… Following High School wrestling, I faced eating disorders and was easily sub 5% body fat. I knew something had to be done. I started at a recreational gym and ate anything I could to get my weight up. After several months of eating and working out, I finally gained 20 lbs. I got obsessed with the results and got a membership to a local gym. There I saw bodybuilding posters in the men’s locker room. I knew I wanted to do that in a healthy manner and keep my competitive nature, I’ve grown from a young age. It was a way to battle my insecurities and grow a passion while doing so. Since then, I’ve gotten two certifications through NASM and have competed in three bodybuilding state championships; placing 1st in my age group each time and placing 3rd in open and novice. I was blessed to learn each lesson and be guided by the beautiful people in my life. I knew that to be blessed in that way was only meant to be passed down. Now I am committed to improving others' lives like angels had in mine.


Sydney M

Sydney Mavengere
Coach / NASM CPT |

Greetings! I'm Sydney Mavengere, and I've been immersed in the world of fitness and athletics for over a decade. My journey began when I stepped onto the football field at Jarret Middle School here in Springfield. A few years later I was blessed to play football at Evangel University. Through those years I grew a passion for fitness that I am here to tell you about. Armed with a NASM Personal Training certification, I am on a mission to share my wealth of knowledge and empower others to transform their lives through fitness.

**My Approach**

My training philosophy is all about becoming a lifelong athlete. I firmly believe that fitness should encompass a well-rounded approach, spanning weightlifting, running, calisthenics, and flexibility training. I'm a firm advocate for the integration of various disciplines because I've seen firsthand the incredible benefits it brings to overall wellness.

**Commitment to Learning**

The world of fitness is ever-evolving, and I'm committed to staying on the cutting edge. I'm constantly seeking out new techniques and approaches to enhance strength, flexibility, and general well-being. There is always something new to discover, and I embrace the challenge with enthusiasm.

**Motivating Approach**

I subscribe to the belief that progress is a journey, not a destination. Good things take time, and I'm here to guide you through every step of your fitness journey. By appreciating the small victories along the way, we can translate this mindset to life itself. Taking it slow and savoring the little moments can lead to profound transformations.

**Together We Grow**

Over the years, I've had the privilege of training with various coaches, each imparting their unique wisdom. I've absorbed these teachings, bundled them up, and I'm ready to pass on this invaluable knowledge to the next life long athlete. Believe in me, and together, we can cultivate your potential.

Ready to embark on your fitness journey? Contact me today, and let's start working toward your goals one step at a time.


Morgan Rollins

Morgan Rollins
Nutrition/Health Coach, PT |

Morgan is a nutrition and health coach and personal trainer who believes in helping the entire person. A belief that by starting with the basics of being healthy and gaining a new way of life, along with working on a positive mindset is what sets a person up for success. Life experience is what brought Morgan into coaching and continues to be why making an impact on others is her true purpose in the fitness space.

Morgan is a mom of 5, ranging in age from elementary to college. She is passionate about all things health and fitness, the gym, football, her kids sports, foodie things, dressing up, and living a big life

Favorite Things:
Food: Breakfast food
Music: Eclectic music fanatic
Books: Biographies
Movies: Breakfast Club, Rocky, Godfather, anything by Quentin Tarantino


Julius Jager
Personal Trainer |

I’m from Aurora, MO where I played in multiple leagues for soccer for 14 years. I didn’t start taking fitness seriously until after a season ending knee injury. I then was struggling with anorexia for a little over a year. This is when I start going to the gym around 3 years ago. Quickly falling in love with the process of growing physically and mentally. I then had a large set back tearing my quad and the labrum in my shoulder putting it to a halt for 3 months. I have been coaching off and on for over a year now, where I like to specialize in weight loss, strength building, and injury recovery. After my recent injuries in spring of 2023, I was able to cut off 40 pounds in a little under 4 months.


Kameron Downing
Personal Trainer, ISSA |

Hi, I’m Kameron Downing, a certified personal trainer through ISSA. Growing up on the rural outskirts of Nixa, Missouri, I discovered the magic of imagination and the joy of play at an early age. In a world where technology hadn’t yet encroached, and neighborhoods were scarce, my evenings were spent outdoors—running freely through open fields, where health and nature intertwined.

At five years old, I’d race on all fours, feeling the wind against my skin. By ten, I was an expert at smashing leaves and berries, connecting with the earth’s bounty. Skateboarding and cycling became my daily adventures, with no day left unexplored. That free-spirited energy remains with me today.

In 2010, I stumbled upon weightlifting, and it ignited a passion within me. Since then, I’ve never looked back. My mission? To help others find balance—between work and play, strength and flexibility, mind and body. The gym does not need to be intimidating; it’s a playground for growth. Let’s embrace our childlike curiosity, learn, play, and thrive—creating a fulfilled life that endures for years to come.


Kaitlyn Sullivan
Certified ACSM Exercise Physiologist |

Hi I’m Kaitlyn! I have a Bachelors in Exercise & Movement science from Missouri state university. Working out and eating healthy has always been a top priority for me! I’ve been working out for over 10+ years.

I started with track in junior high, then faded out from the sports side and stayed in the gym lifting weights and running, that’s what I had the most passion for.
After high school, I went to MSU for exercise & movement science. I just knew it was something I wanted to be able to help people with in the future and show my kids one day that it is a top priority.

I’ve previously trained people, done bodybuilding competitions and then became a mama to two boys. I have stayed home with them for the last few years, but knew I wanted to fit training in because that’s where my heart is!

It’s rewarding helping people see results they never thought they might see and gain friendships along the way!