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David Poland - XFit Trainer

David Poland
Owner, Trainer |

I was originally born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. I moved to Springfield, Missouri when I was 15 years old and attended Hillcrest High School. Athletics were always a big passion of mine as a kid. After winning a state championship in high school baseball, I decided to keep pursuing my passion at a collegiate level. I attended Evangel University in Springfield MO and played baseball for the duration of my schooling. I graduated with a Recreational & Physical Education degree in the Spring of 2007. During that time, I had developed a passion for fitness and health and decided to pursue it as a career. As soon as I graduated, I became certified with I.S.S.A & N.S.C.A and my personal training career started. This passionate focus for fitness and health opened up a whole new world of growth, not only for myself but for others as well. I have been training full-time for 12 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve been fortunate enough to help hundreds of clients over the years, both in person and online, achieve all different types of goals. From fat loss, building muscle, sports specific goals, improved mobility, rehabilitation, to most importantly, nutrition. Personally, I have competed in 4 NPC fitness shows, the last one being at a national level. I also a fitness advisor for KY3, where I do regular fitness segments with Paul Adler on Fit Life, a segment of Friday morning’s local news. After having a few years of personal training under my belt, I opened up my own private studio in 2010. XFit has been an amazing journey of hard work along with great teamwork from my amazing staff and clientele. These people have made XFit what it is today. I’m excited for many great years to come and hope to be able to help you in the future. 


Ryan Stewart - XFit Trainer

Ryan Stewart
Trainer |

I played Semi Pro football for 1 season prior to an ACL knee injury but I have always been involved in sports and have taken interest in human anatomy and kinesiology.Incollege my interest shifted from physical therapy to business then got  involved with personal training while being employed at StJohns Radiology dept. I was employed part time doing both jobs with school in the middle, then decided to take a leap full time with personal training. I worked for a private studio, then with the same local company that opened up a full gym. In 2007 I opened my own studio and employed 10 trainers from 2007-2011. I generally carry a full schedule and currently train 28 people and have had approximately 75% of them over 5 years. I feel that I have kept a great repor and even better relationship with my clients over the years.

With training I find that no 2 people are ever the same and there are generally always barriers and differences with everyone. Some clients may havea dispostion or biomechanical issue but with private training it makes it much easier to identify these things. I have personally worked with clients from the athletic level to the lite rehabilitative level and each individual requires different attention to needs.

Best of health and success.

Pamela Morris - XFit Trainer

Pamela Morris MS, MPA
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist |

Pam is a personal trainer and fitness consultant. She specializes in small group and one-on-one training. Pam has 25 years experience as a Health Fitness Specialist and over 10 years as a nutrition health instructor. Pam has participated in numerous fitness DVD's, infomercials, television segments, and radio talk shows. Her vast knowledge and vibrant personality goes hand-in-hand with her style of personal training. Pam has trained athletes and clients of all ages and fintess levels. Pam's group class specialties include Pilates, Yoga, Interval, HIIT, free weights, and Myo-Therapy. 

Ben Nichols - XFit Trainer

Ben Nichols
AFAA Certified Trainer | | (417) 849-9941

Ben Nichols has been involved in fitness nearly his entire life. His late Grandfather, former Missouri State (then Southwest Missouri State) Head Football Coach Jim Mentis, started him in AAU track throwing the discus and lifting weights in the 5th grade. In junior high, Ben became interested in bodybuilding upon seeing the movie “Pumping Iron”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and joined his first commercial gym at age 14. He then attended Glendale High School, being named 2nd team All State in football as a junior and finishing 3rd in the Discus, while earning 1st team All State honors as a senior and the News Leader’s “Lineman of the Year”, earning a scholarship to the University of Colorado, while forgoing the track season to prepare for college football.

Ben endured an injury plagued career at CU, after being backup guard and playing in 8 games and the Fiesta Bowl as a freshman, having a back surgery at age 20 and later knee and thumb surgeries, as well a tumor at the base of his brain on the pituitary gland. Due to all those injuries/mishaps, he was granted a rare sixth year of eligibility by the NCAA. For his final year Ben started at guard under new Colorado offensive line and later Raiders head coach Tom Cable; with whom he credits most of his football knowledge.

After that mildly successful senior year, he was invited to the NFL combine in Indianapolis, and in the spring of 1999 signed a free agent contract with the Atlanta Falcons, garnering the 3rd highest signing bonus among NFL rookies. While there, he had the privilege of playing under Hall of Fame offensive line coach Art Shell as well as world acclaimed strength coach Al Miller. He moved to Atlanta in May and was cut at the end of camp. He later tried out for the Denver Broncos at their request for a spot on the practice roster, but “blew a sure thing”, as he puts it, by refusing to run the 40yd dash due to a former torn hamstring during his senior pro day. He then played the following summer in NFL Europe for the Rhein Fire, quarterbacked by former Heisman winner Danny Wuerffel, earning a World Bowl ring for winning the league’s championship. He then played for Vince McMahon’s XFL football league on the San Francisco Demons as a guard, with his team again making that league’s championship “Million Dollar Game”, but falling short of a win. After the XFL folded, Ben had his 2nd knee surgery and rehabbed the rest of the year, signing again with Rhein of NFL Europe again the following spring. He reinjured his knee again early in camp and was moved to Birmingham, Alabama, where he became good friends with Pro Wrestling legend Kevin Nash, in Birmingham rehabbing a torn quad. Ben interest in both bodybuilding and wrestling was piqued through this meeting and location, and due to his continued knee trouble, signed a Maximum Medical Improvement contract, effectively foregoing his football career in return for a settlement to pay for all future knee care.

After reinjuring his back in early 2003, Ben became a personal trainer and decided to forget wrestling and focus on Bodybuilding, a love since he was a small boy. He bulked up to over 330 pounds late in 03 and then entered the 2004 NPC Northern Kentucky bodybuilding championships at 268 pounds, winning the overall novice division and beating future IFBB pro David Candy. After the Kentucky, He again gained size and pushed his bodyweight to over 350 pounds in early 2005, and entered the 2005 Mr. Missouri at a huge 299 pounds, capturing the Superheavyweight and Most Muscular titles but losing the overall to a best ever Mark Erpelding, who went on a month later to win the Lightheavies at the IFBB North American Championships, which would’ve qualified him for pro status by today’s rules.

In 2006, Ben reinjured his back from an old football injury, requiring surgery at the end of the year. Ben let his bodyweight drop to 280 lbs to help his recovery, leaning out quite a bit in the process. On a whim, he decided to enter the 2007 Mr. Missouri at 7 weeks out, quickly bringing his bodyweight up to 305 pounds and then dropping to weigh in at 290, about ten less than his 05 form. Although the competition was less than 05, he was not at his best either but won the Superheavyweight and Most Muscular, yet again lost the overall by one point.

Since his last competition, Ben has been certified in Personal Training by AFAA and been keeping himself in shape at Extreme Fitness in Springfield, Missouri.

Leah M - Trainer

Leah Mawdsley
Trainer |

I'm 36 years old and a mother of 4 boys and 1 girl! I started my fitness journey a many years ago about 1 year after I had my daughter I began the path to being an NPC body building competitor.

I cross competed in my first NPC body building competition right here in Springfield and took home two 1st place wins, the overall in the novice class and the overall win in the entire Figure division. I also took two 2nd place and one 3rd place wins in the bikini division. My second competition I took two 2nd place wins in the bikini division I am nationally qualified and desire to attain my pro card later this 2016 year! I write custom diets and custom training plans for those who want to build more muscle, lose weight or even desire a total body transformation! I am a posing coach for NPC bikini competitors and have been a massage therapist for 11 years.

I love to coach others in their training and overall lifestyle with their diets. I truly believe you cannot have success in one without the other. I myself have had poor health about 8 years ago and I turned to the medical world for help. My biggest mistake! I finally, after many years of being on multiple prescription medications that nearly took my life, decided to take things into my own hands.

I found an amazing coach and started my transformation. There is never a moment where I have EVER regretted my decision! It is the hardest thing I've ever done but also the most rewarding! I love my life and my career and will take anybody else along for the ride who want to change their life for the better!

There are a lot of expensive decisions we make that later we regret and have nothing to show for it...hiring a person to help set a goal, write a custom plan of action and walk through it with you and give support will never be one!


Trainer |

B.S. in Exercise Science Pre-Physical Therapy

ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist
First Aid CPR/AED

Areas of Expertise 
Athletic performance & movement
Weight Loss
Resistance training and Muscle gain
Functional movement
Strength and Conditioning.

Growing Up, I have always been physically active. I didn’t start taking Health and Fitness more seriously until I turned 15 and started to develop my skills as a basketball player for the English Youth National Basketball team back in England. Once I started to exercise more frequently, I really began to think about the ways I could challenge and push myself to be a best version of myself and I truly realized how much I wanted to pursue a future in the Health and fitness industry. I continue to work with strong, motivated individuals of all ages and fitness ability one on one and in group settings, while gaining more knowledge and experiences from other opportunities and industry research. As a fitness coach, I take pride in helping each and every client along their journey to meet their health and fitness goals. I want to truly turn your goals into your motivation and show you just how amazing you are and that you can really transform physically and mentally when it comes to health and wellness. Each and every one of us has a journey that we are on and I take pride in providing support throughout that journey because together, our limits are endless.